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Short description

Originally Winlucy was born as a software that allows deafblind people using a personal computer in "a simplified way", and soon it has found also, a great consensus in many people, also whithout hany disability, who want to easily use a PC.

The specific characteristics of this program are the easier accessibility and a standard interaction with the PC by speech, braille and magnification.

The user interacts with WinLucy thanks to the program's ability to handle braille and also, if the user has a residual hearing is possible to use the speech. Then, the basic information are enlarged.
Currently with Winlucy the compatible braille displais are the following:

Usb and bluetooth connections are handled.
Touchme5, Luce Braille and Hims' braille displais have also Bluetooth connection.

Regarding the speech, the program is able to relieve the speech Sapi5 installed in the PC and, if it is not possible to find any installed voice, download and install automatically hte open source speech Espeak.

About the visualization, it is possible to choose between different color modes and caracters' size.

In this program is possible to operate with a reduced set of keys:

Those are the program's functions:

To move between the various options, use Up/Down arrow. Selected a option, press Enter to open it. To go back press Escape.
Once an option has been opened, pressing the button Alt it is possible to access a menu where you can choose its options. For the details about the different function, consult the relevant sections.

The program is distributed free and over time it will be enriched thaks to your requests.

The completely free version uses the speach Espeak while the hig quality speach such as Ivona Giorgio or Carla are available for 80 euro iva included.

Download an example of text in mp3 read by Ivona Giorgio.

Risorse utili

How to get the program

To download and test the program just click on the link below:

Scarica Winlucy

Winlucy is simple to install, but you must be connected to the internet during the installation, so that the software can download automatically all the components.

Update' history

To know all the news about the developement of Winlucy's, Read the page about the upgrades .

How to collaborate and get support

The best way to impruve the program is to report if there are any malfunctions and proposing New ideas.
So we invite the new users to subscribe to the discussion list about Winlucy, sending a empty message to the following address:
and answering with an empty message to the confirmation e-mail that you will receive.
Once that you are enrolled, to send a message to the list, send a mail to winlucy@yahoogroups.com
Who is enrolled, has the advantage to know when new functions are added or problems are solved.


WinLucy was born in Genuary 2012 it was designed and developed by the ingeneer Luciano Muratore who is working in Tiflosystem.
You can write directly to the autor to the address sviluppo@winlucy.it

This program is dedicated to the memory of the Dott.ssa Lucia Guderzo; You can read her biography in this page.

In her name was also, established the "Fondazione Lucia Guderzo". For further information see the website www.fondazioneluciaguderzo.it.

news and initiativs about Winlucy's world

Braille Competition for young students!

Visit the page about BrailleLucy to know more.

Last update: the 11th of September 2013